A Trip to Galata Tower - Istanbul

Jadi ceritnya hari Minggu pagi ini, Kiddos#1 saya kasih tau kalau blog dia (Kiddos Travel Stories) pageviewers nya sekarang udah lebih banyak dari tesyasblog.

He was so happy that he all off the sudden mau nulis cerita waktu mengunjungi Galata Tower di Istanbul. Mulai deh nulis, milih foto, dan upload sendiri. Tulisannya masih pendek, tapi it's a good start Kiddos! :)

Written by Kiddos#1

I went to Istanbul with my family on a very long holiday. It was summer and it was so hot. I went Galata Tower with my dad. I only go with my dad because of my brother went home with my mom, grandma and grandpa.

At Galata Tower, I saw the Galata bridge. I had to take the elevator to the second floor and took a moment to go up to the third floor by using stairs.

The Galata bridge has many people fishing, some are lucky some are not. I saw many things from up there, it was a good experience. 

The Galata Tower looks round because of the Go Pro
Down under is the Galata Bridge

At Galata Tower I also ate a piece of cake and drink mineral water.

I had a fun time at the Galata Tower, even tough I only went with my father.

With my dad and the Go Pro stick

written on November 20, 2016 by Kiddos#1

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  1. nice article kiddos#1 :D Mba Tesya, ntar lama2 anak2 yg nulis di blog ini deh yaa.. hehe..

    1. Thank you Tante, iya semoga nanti Kiddos yang nulis blog-nya sendiri hehehe..

  2. Luar biasa, tulisan mengalir enak dari Kiddos#1 mbak Tesya, talenta apik. Salam